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How to back up your blogger theme/template

In the Blogger platform, as a blogger, you always want to add a new widget or a functionality to your blog and from a tutorials, you were asked to make changes to your templates. So it is important to have a backed-up template so if anything goes wrong you can always fall back to the previous version.

Below are some of the reasons for backing up your template.

  • Making changes to Blogger templates to add functionality or change design
  • When trying out new themes / template
  • Using the template / theme again on another blogger blog

So let’s go straight to the point and here are the steps for backing up a template / theme.

Note that I am going to use the terms “template” and “theme” interchangeably.

We have a video tutorial for you for better understanding.

Backing Up the Template on BlogSpot

  • Log-into your Blogger account to go to your Dashboard.
  • From the blog’s drop-down list choose the blog
  • On the left pane choose the “Theme” option
  • In the Theme section page, click on the “Backup / Restore” button on the top right corner of the page
  • A dialog box may appear, to download the template backup click on the orange “Download” button as shown below:

  • Go to your download folder, you are supposed to find file with a name similar to theme-123456789012345678.xml. This file is the backup template / theme file, it can be used to recover your template / theme on Blogger.

And that is all. Ensure you make it a culture to backup your template before making any changes to it.



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