A Factory reset is simply what most people refers to as hard reset. It restores your device back to the factory settings – erasing the user data and settings without touching the SD card and the System partition. Factory resetting your phone comes with some advantages that has a few purposes.

In some situations, it can even be handy to just start over especially if you have some minor issues and you assume the issues are Data related. If rooted, it’s a great way to wipe the Data and Cache area’s to prepare to change the ROM of the device.

Factory reset in phones are just like brainwashing human beings with shock treatment.

It’s a function which Android provides to handle situations like:

  • If your phone lags too often.
  • Your phone is filled with adds
  • If some kind of virus has gripped your phone. Etc.

Factory reset usually is harmless for a couple of times, but resetting phone too often, I mean who would like to wipe their data too often?

Doing this on your phone can potentially get rid of lot of problems plaguing your handset, and is sometimes even the only option when things go terribly wrong.

So how often do you factory reset your device? Kindly share with us your experience using the comment box below.


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