According to a Reddit user, in case you don’t have many of your contacts using Google Duo and you want to make Duo calls to those without the app installed on their device, you can now do. A Reddit user noticed this recently, and shared their observation.

Those who tested the feature observed that it works with audio-only calls as well. In addition, recipients can do stuff like answer/hangup the call, mute it, and switch cameras like any other normal Duo user.

What’s more?

Users can also block a caller from contacting them again. However, if the someone without Duo installed wants to make a call, then they’ll have to install the app first.

Google Duo user's obersavtion..

For those interested in the intricacies, it’s App Preview Messaging that’s making all this possible – it is a Google Play Services feature that was launched back in 2016.


Reports, however, say this ability to make Duo calls to even those who aren’t using the app is currently restricted to Android users. Plus, it’s likely that you’ll not be able to use the feature to reach all eligible people on your contact list, reason for which is currently not known.

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