How do you check if a battery is original or fake? Well a man used a method I tagged as bizarre by biting an iPhone battery for the sake of checking it authenticity.

Every dick and harry knows that manhandling batteries could be hazardous because of short circuiting that may occur, and that can lead to explosion. Some other causes of battery explosion is exposure to hit, direct sunlight, smashing it on the ground, application of pressure on it or similar activities.

A customer at a store in China was looking to buy a replacement battery for his iPhone, and when the employee on duty shows him one, the only and perhaps the best thing he could think of was to give the battery a bite to test its authenticity, that singular act made the battery explode in his face.

According to a Taiwanese News, it was revealed that the man studied the battery for a while and set out to check if it was “a real battery” or original by biting it. The pressure on the battery created a reaction that led to a massive ball of fire which engulfed both he and his female companion.

Fortunately for him, he didn’t sustain serious injuries but this will serve as a lesson to him and to the world how dangerous it could be when battery is not handled properly.


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