Digitex Coin – Token Sold out in 20 minutes

Guess, we are going to have a real Bitcoin competitor in short while. The Digitex Token Sale has sold out in 20 minutes. The platform was opened at 9am and hit the hard cap at 9.22am with a raise of $5.2 million. Amazing!!

After the exceptional sale in the cryptocurrency world, the Founder and CEO of Futures appreciated the participants, saying

“Thanks so much to everyone who participated, we really appreciate your support and are excited to make 2018 a fantastic year for Digitex and for you.

It’s great to see the huge level of excitement that our product has created and we’re now fired up to deliver above and beyond to all the great people that have supported us. We need a few hours to make sense of the madness that just occurred and we’ll be in touch with everyone very soon.

Thanks again and here we go!!!”

I hope, you one of the lucky ones (for interested people), if not, that means you will have to wait for it to land in market.

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