Characteristics Of The Best 4G Smartphone

4G is a modern technology that provides high-speed internet to mobile users. The technology has been around for some years now and has been deployed in countries around the world. If you are particular about 4G internet on your smartphone, looking out for the best 4G smartphone makes sense.

Because new phones keep being released every other day, the best 4G smartphone today may not hold the position tomorrow. But there are certain things to lookout for in determining which is currently the best.

Characteristics Of The Best 4G Smartphone

If you are hunting for the best 4G smartphone to buy at any time, the phone you are looking for is one with the following characteristics:

  • It has the widest possible 4G LTE frequencies, so that you are covered regardless of where you go. This is important if you are a world traveller. It may not be so important if you do little or no travelling.
  • But even more importantly, it must support the 4G frequency that the local network you use supports. What would be the benefit of supporting the widest frequencies possible but not the one you are on? That would be crazy; right?
  • It delivers the fastest internet speeds. Not all 4G modems are created equal. We have evidence that says Qualcomm 4G modems are significantly faster than the competition, so look for a phone that has that.
  • Lastly, it would be a smartphone would give you the liberty to peg your mobile network as you please. This may not be a problem most of the time, but there are times that you do not need your phone switching away from 4G to 3G or 2G as it pleases. Perhaps you really need to use your phone as a hotspot for important work and you need consistent fast internet. Being able to peg your phone to 4G Only Mode at such times is priceless.


Now Pick Yours

You know what to look for now, so it is time to do your research. I have listed a number of factors, some of which may not be important to you. Decide on which of those criteria apply to you and then pick the 4G smartphone that is best suited to your needs.

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