The rumour is getting serious and the intrigue solidifies concerning the much-anticipated Nokia 10 and its so-called penta-camera setup. Yet, just few leaked specs such as the Snapdragon 845 allegedly powering the future device list and a few basic schematics, at this level. No tangible evidence is yet to be brought forward to verify HMD’s involvement in designing and producing a Nokia 10, not to talk of a device with a revolutionary camera.

Sketches Hinting The Imminent Coming Of Nokia 10

However, one cannot overlook all these various bits and pieces coming together to form a suspicious picture about the supposed Nokia 10. The latest development is in form of comprehensive sketch of the back side of the phone. The source is an industry insider, apparently centring the drawing on information, as well as an interesting ZEISS patent for a mobile multi-lens camera solution.

As described by the paper, the technology employs an array of additional lenses (7), with different focal lengths, mounted on a rotating lens base (10), which sits between the camera sensor (9) and a normal fixed lens (6).

How It Looks Like

According to the sketch artist, this setup is placed within the round camera module on the back, with the lenses themselves rotating around and re-positioning above the main camera in the middle of the module. The Nokia 10 is also said to feature a secondary camera, on the very top of said module. Its supplementary features (wider field of view, bokeh, etc.) are still unclear.

As for the rest of the Nokia 10 hardware, as previously mentioned, it will likely be powered by a Snapdragon 845 chipset and could feature an 18:9 display. Design-wise, the source claims it will share many of the traits of the Nokia 9 – also unannounced. Most notably, a 3D glass back and front.

The device featured on the sketch on the right of the Nokia 10 does match up with earlier back plate and case leaks attributed to the Nokia 9, giving even more merit to the insider info.

Sources suggest the Nokia 10 could arrive as early as IFA 2018 in Berlin this September. Meaning, there is still some waiting to be done and likely more info on the horizon. Even so, there might very well be a Nokia 7 Plus to look forward to at MWC 2018 in just a few days.

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