9mobile network outage now starts from 11am and ends 8:45pm everyday

9mobile network outage appears to be deliberate

Ever since the defunct Etisalat, changed its name to 9mobile, the services rendered by the network have been appalling. I wouldn’t want to say Etisalat appears to have packed all its equipment and went with them when leaving.

Nigerians on 9mobile lines have decried the consistent outage of the network service within some parts of the country. The company’s network goes off for several hours before getting restored. This outage seems to have been programmed to start from anything around 11am and would be restored around 8:45am. And this has been going on for almost 3 weeks now.

Apart from the main outage, the network sometimes works like trafficator. It disappears and reappears at will.

Owners of some businesses attached to the network says they are tired of the network and can wait to get the network sold, suggesting if that could solve the inconsistency.

Recall that we reported to you that Airtel Nigeria allegedly failed to submit a final bid for the acquisition of 9mobile despite being on the shortlist of five. This simply automatically means that Airtel has indirectly pulled out from the race to take over 9mobile.

Are we going to say the engineers in charge are already taking their services for granted since another company many soon take over? This is an act of complacency from the staff in charge as the company deem it fit to serve its consumers, irrespective of whatsoever happens or going to happen. Does handing over or sales of the company be an excuse for this terrible network outage.

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