A 512GB microSD card was announced way back in mid-2015, but that never saw the light of the day. We hope this one will reach the market, since Integral Memory assured everyone that it will arrive in February.

The newly introduced 512GB card is rated class 10, UHS-I U1 – guarantees a minimum of 10MB/s sequential writes. This should be ok for shooting 4K videos and above. We are talking of a whopping half terabyte of memory! That’s sustained sequential speed, the card tops out at 80MB/s.

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Integral is not worried about the rise of cloud storage and says consumer preferences are clear enough. On phones (or tablets) with a microSD slot, you can upgrade the storage yourself in seconds. On slot-less devices, well, you better start deleting old videos and games.

The price of the 512GB microSD card is yet to be announced, but the first 400GB microSD was launched with a price tag of $250 and is still holding its price.



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