There’s nothing like giving all businesses of the same nature a plain ground as rivalry makes a lot of sense. This is seriously paying of in telecoms industry as those who wish to port to Airtel network will get 2GB for N100 after the process.

Porting your line from any other service provider to Airtel gives you opportunity to retain the same number. Another thing worth noting is that porting is free as you do not have to pay a dime to join the network.

Below are what you will need need to port your line;

Requirements for Porting

  1. Valid ID card like Voters card, drivers license, etc
  2. Registered Sim You want to port
  3. Patience.

Guidelines For Porting From A Network to Another (Applicable To Airtel)

  • Simply walk into any Airtel shop close to you with the aforementioned requirements.
  • Inform them of your wish to Port your current line (off-network) to Airtel
  • You will be given a form to fill. (Follow Customer Care Procedures)
  • Then you ‘ll receive an SMS from Airtel on the old/existing operator SIM asking you if you wish to port your line.
  • The process for the completion actually takes 2-hours on the average and during this time there would be ‘no service period’.
  • Now reboot your device when the old operator network service disappeares on your phone.
  • After the ‘no service period’, just replace your existing operator’s SIM card with the new Airtel SIM card in your handset.
  • Then you ‘ll get a confirmation message from Airtel that your sim has been ported.
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How to Get 2GB for N100?

  • Simply recharge N100 on your new Airtel ported line via online banking app or Zoto App. Note:  Don’t recharge it via scratch card pin.
  • The moment you recharge is complete, you’ll get 2GB data valid for 30 days.
  • The more you recharge with N100, the more data you get. Meaning you can accumulate upto 10GB for N500.

How To Check Your Balance

  • Just dial *223# to check your balance.


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