WhatsApp disabled an exclusive feature after A DAY of adding it to its Windows Phone beta
WhatsApp on Thursday, December 14, rolled out an update for
the Windows Phone beta version of the messaging app. The update, to version
2.17.342.0, added a feature that allows members involved in a group chat, to
reply to a message in private to another member of the group. A chat window to
the addressee would automatically open, and it included the message from the
group that the sender was replying to.
The new feature is already available on the Windows 10 web
version of WhatsApp, not yet available for iOS or Android platform of the app.
However, it later became a case of retrieving what it gave. WhatsApp
on Friday, the second day, via another update, version 2.17.344, eliminated the
option (the ability) to send the private messages to someone participating in a
group chat. No reason was given, but apparently WhatsApp had jumped the gun by
including it in Thursday update. Other features of the original update, all of
which still remain on the beta, include a new design for calls, a way to
quickly switch from a voice call to a video call, and the addition of
“Advanced Group Settings.” With the latter, a Group administrator can
change the group topic and icon, block messages and disable chat.
There is no info on when the disabled feature would return,
and if it will be making its way to the iOS or Android version of the app. Meanwhile,
check out the slideshow for the changes made to the WhatsApp Windows Phone beta
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