How To Shut Down Your Android Device By Sending SMS

Ever forgotten your phone somewhere or scared of leaving your phone with an untrustworthy individual who you believe can have access your personal information – kids or even adults – or kill your battery before coming back to pick it? Well there’s a way around it to prevent anybody from touching the phone. All you need is just a simple SMS command to do that.

How To Turn Off Any Android Device By Sending Sms:

To turn off your android phone, you’ll need to fulfil the below requirement:

STEP 1. Learn how to root Android device: If you don’t have any knowledge on how to root a device, simply go through the below guidelines to root almost any Android phone.

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  1. Download Framroot App in your android device and tap on the frameroot.apk file to install the application in your smartphone.
  2. Open Frameroot in your phone and select “Install SuperSU” under “Select an action to execute after root”.
  3. Tap on “Barahir” under the list of exploits to start the rooting procedure. You will receive an alert saying – Success. Superuser and SU binary installed.
  4. Just reboot your phone and that’s all, you have successfully rooted your phone.

STEP 2. Downloading Remote Power Off app from Google Play: Now that you have successfully rooted your phone, simple move to Google Playstore to down an app called Remote Power Off or CLICK HERE to download the APK file.

STEP 3. After installing Remote power off app, you will need to type the current password and then type the new password and confirm it again and tap on “change secret code”.

STEP 4. Now go back to super user app and grant permission for this app.

STEP 5. And finally, if you wish to turn off your smartphone, then all you need to do is just send an SMS containing the secret code from any phone into your device. The moment your Android phone gets the SMS it will automatically shut down.

Example is:

Text SECRET CODE to your phone number on the android device.

I.e. text 4321 to 08123456789.




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