Security: App-based two-factor authentication now on Twitter
Twitter is rolling out an update to its micro-blogging platform security that will allow handlers to employ third-part authentication apps to get a two-factor login authentication for their Twitter account. Twitter has been offering two-factor before now, but it’s a bit less secured as it’s an SMS-based verification method.

The third-party app support means users can access tools such as Google Authenticator, Authy or Duo Mobile to verify your login instead of SMS – and all you need to get set up is a one-time verification from within your logged in about on the desktop using your mobile Twitter app, your phone’s camera, and a uniquely generated QR code to establish the connection between app and Twitter. For more info on how to get set up, check out Twitter’s official support document on the subject.
Should you be wondering why you’d even want to do this, it’s a bit more secure than SMS, since SMS-based two factor can easily be hacked where attackers take over your mobile account, for example through requesting a new SIM for your account from a human service agent. Authentication apps are harder to swipe, and can follow you even if your number is changed or you lose access to your phone.


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