New Google guidelines bans apps from gathering unnecessary personal data

In search of means of providing more protection to Android
users, Google is thwarting all efforts made by apps from collecting needless data
that isn’t essential for the app to work. Apps that save and broadcast such
personal data that doesn’t need to be collected must clarify to the user why
and what the data is needed for. In addition, the user must give permission to
the developer to collect the information.
New Google guidelines bans apps from gathering unnecessary personal data

Even apps installed from outside the Google Play Store have
to follow Google’s new requirements, or else a warning will pop up to remind
users that an app is trying to collect data from them without permission.
Developers have 60 days to make the requested changes, or else their apps will
appear with a warning.
Recently, it was reported that Google is banning all apps that places ads on yourlockscreen. Apps whose main purpose is to offer an alternative lockscreen
for your phone ARE allowed to show ads.
“Apps handling
personal user data (such as user phone number or email), or device data will be
required to prompt users and to provide their own privacy policy in the app.
Additionally, if an app collects and transmits personal data unrelated to the
functionality of the app then, prior to collection and transmission, the app
must prominently highlight how the user data will be used and have the user
provide affirmative consent for such use.” –
With these new guidelines, Google is tightening up the flow
of personal data in the Play Store to help prevent identity theft.

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