KPOLOM Launches – Reduces Long Queues at ATM Points in Port-Harcourt

This could possibly be the solution to the long queue at ATMs experienced by the residents of Port-Harcourt. This problem occurs every year during this period – christmas period.

It was so unpleasant for business such as Supermarket that even the biggest had to do without making use of POS and insist you pay with cash. So, for residents to pay in cash, it means ATM would have to bear the consequence with long queue awaiting to query it. 

However, Boma Peters and his crew came up with a solution. Because businesses based in Port Harcourt keep a large volume of physical cash in their premises, they usually are victims of armed robbery attacks.

KPOLOM is a platform that pair cash seekers within a 10KM radius to ATMs or KPOLOM cashback merchants to enable them get access to their cash as quick as possible. It also enables businesses such as filling stations, restaurants and supermarkets give out excess cash at the end of a business day, public holiday or weekend and earn some extra cash while at it.

Since the plan is to eradicate queues at ATM points and create a cashless environment of sorts for businesses, Kpolom will station what you could call “human ATMs” no more than within 10KM radius of users. These are verified business centres — often restaurants, filling stations and supermarkets — that can now serve as Kpolom cashback points.
What is KPOLOM Cashback Points?

Cashback merchants let you transfer money into their account via you ATM card or bank transfer and give you cash in return.That way you’ll never need to join a queue for cash again.

How Does it Work?
  • Download the app from playstore or at
  • Allow the app access your location
  • Get cash via ATM or Cashback Points

Check the platform to see the closest merchant near you, transfer the equivalent of the amount you intend to withdraw into merchant account (via USSD services or through internet banking) and get paid the amount in cash. They usually charge a small service fee.
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