No one foresee this few years ago that a system most thought
could be scam appears to be moving the world faster to the feature. Ever heard
of Bitcoin? Of course, even if you don’t know what it means, you must have seen
or heard something like that. It is the most famous cryptocurrency that hit its
record highs yesterday, and then took a $3000 plunge.
Coinbase becomes the most popular iPhone app, taking advantage of Bitcoin price surge

Well, Bitcoin is not actually the main subject we are
discussing today but the reason behind the surging of Coinbase to be the most
popular iOS app in the App Store yesterday.
However, the cryptocurrency broker saw its platform and app
being unreachable for sometimes due to the wild speculative blows that Bitcoin received
yesterday, and is still dealing with intermittent outages. 
The price for one
Bitcoin rose from less than a thousand in the beginning of the year, to about
$17,000 on Coinbase’s GDAX exchange now, after briefly toying with $20,000. The
more, the merrier, unless it crash no one prays for this.



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