Chrome Browser to start blocking ads from February 15
Effective February 15, next year, Google will start blocking
block all ads from websites launched with the Chrome browser (Google ads
inclusive). However, there is one condition attached to this, so far the
website failed the Google’s “Better Ads Standards”. This simply implies that
any website that displays ads that might be very annoying won’t show any ads
when Chrome browser is used.

Back in June, 2017, the tech giant announced an initiative
to start blocking ads with its Chrome browser. This announcement involved the application
of ad blocker extensions on Chrome that is now common among viewer. Since
Google is also a company whose majority of its money are made via advertising,
it wants to ensure that web surfers can have a pleasing experience without annoying

Some of these annoying ads includes; full page ads, ads that
flash, or ads that unexpectedly play sound or video. These types of ads sometimes
gets viewers annoyed and unhappy with their surfing experience. So when this
commenced, users might prefer to use Chrome in order to avoid encountering
those kinds of ads, and websites are pressured to get rid of loathsome ads.
Website admins/owners can make use of Google’s Ad Experience
Report to recognise ads failed the Better Ads Standards. If the website has a
“passing” status, ads will show business as usual. If the status is “failing”
for 30 days or more, Chrome will stop displaying ads on that website. The
website will need to use the Ad Experience Report to request a revision of the
website before it can start showing ads again.
This strategy does two things: it keeps people who care
about their surfing experience on Chrome, and it encourages websites to serve
more acceptable ads for everyone. Let’s see if Google’s initiative pays off.

For website admins, what do you think?


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