9mobile brings on another terrible data plan for N4000

9mobile has introduced yet another data plan that sound impossible as one will need to question the initiative behind the introduction of this plan.
According to the text message sent by 9mobile, “Buy 5.5GB data at N4000 & get FREE 1.3GB data valid for 14days. Unlock FREE data when you buy 1GB data or more within 30days. Dial *229*2*36# Valid/30days”.

The simply implies that with N4000, you will get 6.8GB data bundle which is usable on all devices. This data plan looks a bit ridiculous when their rivals offers cheaper plans. For example, with N2000, you will 9.5GB and with N4000, you will get 24GB on Glo data plan.
Infact another message was sent with just few seconds interval from the aforementioned above saying, “Get 5GB data at N2000 to browse from 7pm – 7am & Weekends from Friday 7pm – Monday 7am. You also get all-day FREE access to WhatsApp. Dial *229*3*13#. Valid/30days”.

Does it mean the marketing department do not check what their rivals offers to their subscribers? Even the speed we claim 9mobile (then Etisalat) offers is completely dead, so why is their data still expensive?
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