YouTube launches stories-like feature called Reels
YouTube has rolled out a new feature for creators dubbed
Reels. This feature is a Snapchat and Instagram stories-like feature but does
not have to expire after 24 hours. The feature is one of the YouTubes efforts
to encourage and get creators close to their fans on a more intimate level with
YouTube Community, a platform where creators can post updates and snippets
between released video.

The Reels can last forever, and they can be position into
different events or projects. For instance, a creator can post video Reels to a
folder from an all-day event.
YouTube launches stories-like feature called Reels
Subscribers can view these stories and easily locate previous
or old stories. Creators can in this way bring together multiple clips into a
single collection. A attractive feature is the ability to link to videos within
However, the latest feature is currently available for
creators with more than 10,000 YouTube subscribers.
YouTube launches stories-like feature called Reels

This is certainly a new approach to stories that expire
after 24 hours. YouTube figured that many creators followers use Snapchat and
Instagram to keep up with what they are up to and Reels is definitely a great way
to host more content from creators.

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Below is a release from YouTube;
“Weve been working closely with creators to build, test and
refine this product. Now, we want to take this opportunity to share some of our
learnings and updates.
  • Involve your
    : Fans love to participate in the creative process! Grav3yardgirl
    has been using Community to connect with her eight million strong swamp family,
    and gather input for what videos they’d like to see. She let her fans choose
    what to unbox next and heard them loud and clear that they wanted her to bring
    back the much-loved Wreck It Wednesdays”.
  • Bring fans backstage:
    Creators have been using Community posts to build anticipation for a new video
    or upcoming big production. Lele Pons shares GIFs that act as a trailer for her
    next video, while Kevin Durant posts photos on NBA gameday.
  • Increase your reach:
    Weve seen creators successfully cross-promote other channels and creators they
    love through Community, such as Anwar, Hannah, Lele helping drive traffic to
    Rudys first music video launch.
  • Improved
    : As with videos, we want to show the right Community post
    to the right user, so weve made updates to how these posts reach your audience
    across YouTube. Your most engaged viewers can now see Community posts in the
    Home feed, whether theyre subscribed to your channel or not. Weve also
    optimized our notifications so that your fans are eligible to receive them, but
    they wont necessarily get a new notification for every new Community post.
  • New formats: We
    want to do even more to give you easy ways to express yourself and engage with
    fans, so today were also unveiling a new feature. Reels are YouTubes spin on
    the popular stories format, but designed specifically for YouTube creators.
    We learned that you want the flexibility to create multiple Reels and have them
    not expire, so well give you those options. Were also bringing
    creator-focused features like linking to YouTube videos and YouTube-y stickers.
    Just like we did with Community, well be experimenting with a beta version of
    Reels to learn and improve the product before expanding to more creators.
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