Healthbase – A new Blockchain Project that promises Advance Medical Research

A new Blockchain project for tokenizing patient records
Bonn – With its headquarters in Bonn, Germany, healthbase is
the latest and newest initiative in the blockchain and healthcare sector aiming
to advance and revolutionize medical research. Healthbase seeks to leverage the
core aspects of blockchain technology and advanced information technology to
promote medical research and healthcare itself to the next level.

Healthbase – A new Blockchain Project that promises Advance Medical Research

The broader aim of the project is to ensure
that medical researchers, care providers, as well as patients, are given easy
and secure access to high-quality health data. Progress in the field of
medicine and better therapies for patients are the results of this.

The CEO and co-founder of healthbase, Chris Meitner said

“the current infrastructure handling patient medical records
and supporting therapies is composed of legacy systems that we believe are no
longer sufficient to meet the growing demands of the burgeoning medical
industry in today’s age. Health data is currently scattered across a myriad of
platforms, thereby preventing holistic care while raising serious privacy and
security concerns. 

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“Which is why we decided to come up with “healthbase” that
aims to leverage modern information technology including blockchain to improve
this status quo. While there might be other projects focusing on improving
certain aspects of the healthcare sector, our USP lies in the fact that we have
a very feasible way of transforming the whole situation. 

“Currently, we have
over 90 employees, including 32 doctors in our clinics; and because we also
develop our software for doctors to implement optimized processes, we can fine
tune our project with the direct feedback we receive from the care providers as
well as our patients”.

Healthbase – A new Blockchain Project that promises Advance Medical Research

After beginning to develop the software almost three years
ago, healthbase is currently creating a white paper and developing a prototype
to incorporate blockchain technology. While the core team of healthbase is in
Bonn (Germany), the project has international advisors, and partners spread
across the globe, and is continuing to grow, given its potential to redefine
the healthcare industry.

Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner, who is the head of the Frankfurt
School of Blockchain Center and a core advisor on the healthbase project, said

“Healthbase is a fascinating project, with an existing track
record in the field of medical data, respectively medical software. Personally,
I consider this a high-profile project. The main point is that as a patient,
you can sell your anonymized data to researchers – through a smart contract
against money and with your consent. This approach could redefine the way
medical research works. Also noteworthy is the fact that healthbase is already
composed of a software development company, as well as two German clinics. So
there is a large amount of industry experience.”

The team behind healthbase aims to launch their ICO next
year in the first quarter of 2018 with a working prototype. While the technical
details concerning the type of blockchain and token structure are still in
active development, the project has already generated substantial interest
among the medical and blockchain communities in Germany.
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