There tons of apps developed to clean up your phone memory, some are standalone app, some comes with launcher or anti-malware and while some are even built-in. And it appears Google is also peeping at that area by developing its own. It’s called Files Go, and judging from the shots and the description, it performs a lot of the functions that phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 have within the system.
Google Quietly Published File Go - Allows users to free up space on their Android

Google quietly published Files Go, an unreleased app on the Google Play Store. It is a smart file manger that enables users to manage their files or filter them by source and also free up space on mobile devices by cleaning unused apps, clear up cache and delete unwanted media, downloads and duplicate files.
Google File Go is useful for those who have a smart media card that shows how much space you can free up. The app is mainly for android devices. The app also provides users the option to transfer files to other devices using Wi-Fi hotspot.
Google Quietly Published File Go - Allows users to free up space on their Android
According to the Play Store description, below are highlights of the functions of Google File Go
  • Helps you free up more space in many more ways than before.
  • Suggest removing apps you no longer use to keep your phone fast & feeling new.
  • Recognize and help you remove the spam & duplicate images.
  • Find your important documents without cumbersome and manual effort.
  • Share your files offline – fast & secure – with the tap of a button.

For now, Google file go is not available for all countries in Google Play but it’s available for download via apkmirror. Or better still, wait till when google make the app official to the public.

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