A counterfeit version of the WhatsApp messenger app was downloaded more than a million times from the Google Play Store before it’s removal.
Fake WhatsApp downloaded more than a million times on Google Play Store

The app which dubbed ‘Update WhatsApp Messenger’, seemed to have been developed by the Facebook owned company behind the original messaging app – WhatsApp Inc.
Users of the popular web forum, Reddit, says the fake comes with ads and could download software to users’ phones.
Though it’s no longer in the Play Store but whoever was behind the app successfully made it as of it was developed by the WhatsApp Inc itself.
This was done by making use of that exact name, however replacing the space with a special character that looks like a space.
This can be practically difficult to be detected by any average user due to the subtle difference.
Users receiving automatic updates via the original WhatsApp would not have been affected.
This is not the first time that Google would have to wipe out fake malicious apps on the Play Store.
The tech giant had to come in and block a program that disguised itself as a battery monitor and sent premium-rate text messages from people’s devices, way back in 2015.
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