Remember when Apple CEO Tim Cook joked that the new security
in iPhone X that replaced the TouchID, which is the almighty FaceID can be
unlocked by your twin. However, this appears to be taking another shape your
kids could unlock it as well. Thats what the Malik family found out when
10-year old Ammar unlocked his moms iPhone with no issues at all.
10 year old Boy proves FaceID security is useless after unlocking his Mom's iPhone X

And Malik didnt even need to make use of a fancy 3D printed
mask as some security researchers used to deal with Apples new biometric
security. He has his mothers genes and that proved enough. Here, watch the
mother and son team do a demo:

Apple belives that the chance of a random person unlocking
the iPhone X via FaceID is 1 in 1,000,000, compared to 1 in 50,000 for TouchID.
That may be true for a random person, but family members obviously have a much
higher chance.
Friends of the Malik family say that Ammar looks more like
his father though FaceID doesnt think so he can unlock his moms iPhone X
but not his dads.
Anyway, it seems that you need to be careful when first
setting up FaceID. Doing it indoor at night can mess with the accuracy. When
the mom set up FaceID again (in good light this time), Ammar was no longer able
to fool the phone.
Earlier, a pair of brothers posted a video of them fooling
FaceID but the issue in that case proved to be the PIN one sibling knew his
brothers PIN and used it to unlock the phone a few times. Each time you unlock
the phone with a PIN, FaceID recalibrates so eventually it learned both their
The Maliks claim this is not the case with them as Ammar
doesnt know his moms PIN.
Via: GSMArena


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