This report must be definitely true, I only make use of a
PC/Laptop during the working hours and if that is so necessary. My tablet or
phone takes care of the rest especially my mails. I get them just like my bank
Same goes for most people making use of smartphones for mail
perusals and replies. Now, a report says that more than half of emails around
the world are read on smartphones in 2017 and that appears really true.
Figuratively, about 55% of emails globally are opened in a
mobile environment which is a great deal than webmail (28%) and desktop (16%). The
results from mobile shows a great increment on stats compared to the 29%
recorded in 2012.
However, there’s a caution to everybody here, kindly ensure
you make use of a computer to reply a sensitive mail before you commit a
mistake you might not be able to remedy.


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