New Microsoft new tool to bring your Windows 8.1 and Windows phones up to date

If you have own a windows device, recall that if you want to
update to the latest version, you would have to download and install all the OS
updates you might have missed before reaching the real and most recent update.

Same goes with those who owns either Windows Phone 8.1 or
Windows 10 Mobile handset might not know that Microsoft is still rolling out
bug fixes and security updates for both platforms.
Before now, the Windows device recovery tool do provide an
easy method to update to the most recent version of the correct OS, but the
company has reformed the modality. The Windows device recovery tool now loads
the OS version that comes with the phone in question.
So Microsoft has come up with a new tool called
Over-the-cable Updater which will download the latest OS version of Windows 10
Mobile on eligible Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile models.
The new tool will help users to reduce the data consumption
and time in loading all the updates they might have missed and go straight to
the latest version.
Requirement needed
for update using OTC
Interested users will have to connect to windows PC in order
to make use of the tool for update. Another thing is if you lock your phone
with a PIN code, you must unlock it before using the OTC Updater and you will
also need to enable the airplane mode on your device.
Where to download?
To download the tool, simply click here.

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