If you are looking to make some money using cryptocurrency, then you must know what you are doing! Bitcoin is a fantastic currency that has helped a lot of people become rich. When it was first introduced, 1 bitcoin cost only about $10 bucks, but now, you can get up to $5000 for just one!

Let us take a look at the bitcoin to Naira exchange rates and how to convert
bitcoin to Naira.


What is Bitcoin?

First off, what is bitcoin? Bitcoin is a type cryptocurrency, which is a new type of currency introduced in the 21st century. If you think that it is just a fraud, then you don’t know much about cryptocurrency. Like any other type of currency, the cryptocurrency is obedient to the laws of th market! It is similar to your national currency which increases or decreases in value according to the laws of the market.

Nonetheless, the Bitcoin is not connected to one bank account or any country! Therefore, it is free from political influence o natural disasters within any country! People who invested just $1000 at the very beginning of the bitcoin era are rich now! You know why? Because bitcoin has increased in value by almost 500 times. You read right! And many people
still want to get a piece of bitcoin in their pockets!


Bitcoin to Naira exchange rate

It is necessary to understand that the value of bitcoin wil only go up! According to the, you can expect to get N209 for just 0.0001 bitcoin! It seems a small piece, but if you want to get at least 0.0 bitcoin, you will have to pay N20,865! If you need ten bitcoin cents, then beready to pay N203,538. Just one bitcoin to Naira will cost you N2,086, 581.21 today! Honestly, you might be having a feeling of regret for not investing in
bitcoin when it started?

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People want to earn money using bitcoins and Nigerians are not an exception! They also want to invest their money into something that will
only increase its value. Here are the top 5 methods to convert bitcoin to

Convert Bitcoin to Naira using one of Top 5 methods

1. Luno App

The third variant is the Luno App! It is a wonderful application where you can manage your Luno wallet with no problems. Here you can also sell and buy bitcoins for Naira! You just need to learn how to manage accounts within Luno. Still, this application will show you how to do that with no problem! Just follow the instructions on the video! To register on Luno, click here.

2. TrustCoin Biz

It is the very first and simplest method of converting your bitcoins to Naira! You don’t even need to register or login to this website to sell or buy your bitcoins, you just need to scroll down and enter the amount of currency you want to buy or sell today!

After that, you will need to enter your name, email address, phone number and bitcoin address. Then you will receive an invoice for confirmation. The next step is to call the hotline 09063827610 and get your money! The hotline operator will explain what you should do and how you can get your money.

What is the drawback of this method? It is the easiest way to get rid of your bitcoins and get Naira, however, it is pretty risky to give your personal data to a strange website.

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3. Paxful

The second option which you can go for is Paxful. It is areal platform where you can get money for your bitcoins! You just need to enter in your google search, and that`s all! After that, you can get to the website and register there.

You don’t need much to get registered on the website, but it can certainly change your life! You just enter your personal data and details of your bitcoin wallet; after that, you will need to create an offer to sell your bitcoin for Naira, and that is it! Another user of this particular platform could easily find your offer on the page and give you Naira for your bitcoins! Few clicks changing life in a matter of minutes.

4. Wink Payment

Wink Payment is another good platform where you can get some bitcoins for your Naira and vice versa! It also provides a very reliable source of information about bitcoin! You will need to register there and get your offers started. It will also be possible to transfer your money from any online platform account. Just take a look at the short list of paying platforms available to you:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Paypal;
  • Cgold;
  • Perfect Money;
  • OkPay;
  • uKash

5. Direct Transactions

There are a lot of people on the internet who want to buy your bitcoins for Naira and you can find them on various platforms and even social networks. The downside of this particular variant is that you will need to trust the people whom you are going to sell bitcoins to. Therefore, beware of scammers who want to just grab your money and disappear! You can also exchange Naira to bitcoin with people on the bitcoin platform! Just ask them directly!

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It is necessary to get some information on anybody you wish to exchange your money with before carrying out the transaction! Do not forget to get his or her email and phone number. The best option for you is to meet him or her in person, however this may not always be possible. Still, remember
to be very cautious when you deal with people on the Internet.

All the methods mentioned above have their strengths and weaknesses and the amount of money you can earn from one bitcoin depends o you. Nobody will help you to exchange Naira for bitcoins, so you should be very cautious when you deal with any of the methods mentioned above.



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