How to check your iPhone's battery health status - battery cycle counts and other details
iPhone keeps important details about the condition of its
battery. There is a log that your phone uses to keep all the information about
the battery cycle counts – number of times you have charged your phone to 100%.
Bear in mind that Apple records 1 battery cycle as a full
100% recharge run – charging up your phone to 25% and then later to 75%, combining
these two charges will count for 1, which is 100% cycle.
Note that different Apple devices use different batteries,
and remember nothing last forever. Below are the battery counts that different
Apple products are designed for:
  • iPhone is designed to preserve 80% charge until 500 cycles
  • Apple Watch is designed to preserve 80% charge until 1,000
  • iPad is designed to preserve 80% charge until 1,000 cycles
  • iPod is designed to preserve 80% charge until 400 cycles
  • MacBook is designed to preserve 80% charge until 1,000

Now, as one of those who own an older Apple device, you absolutely
need to know how many counts your battery is on.

Regrettably, Apple does not permits iOS apps to states
battery cycle counts, so the user will have to connect his iPhone to a PC –
running Mac or Windows – to discover that.

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How To Do IT
Those using Mac can use the free coconut Battery app. The
app displays detailed battery stats for any kind of Apple devices. For example,
it shows current battery charge, the full charge capacity, the design capacity,
the model name of the device, the manufacture date, cycle count and battery
To download coconut Battery for Mac, click here.
For Windows owners, simply use the free trial iBackupBot.
This old app is still available and if you want to quickly check up your iOS
device battery count, you can get the free trial, or if you need to use it for
longer, the full verision goes for just $35. When using, iBackupBot, you have
to select your device, click on More Information, and look for
To download iBackupBot for Windows, click here.


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