Google Play now allows you to test drive Android apps before Installing them

Google Play now allows you to test drive Android apps before Installing them
Ever heard of Android
Instant Apps
?  Android instant apps allows
you to access apps from search, messaging, social media and other sources without
installing the app first.

Android instant apps was announced at Google I/O way back in
2016 May and now they are finally finding their way to the Play store.
Interested users can access them via a “Try It Now” button. Instant Apps
launch with just a tap on a URL. To support this, developers partition their
apps into small, runnable parts, so they can start within seconds.
With the current integration, users will be able to run
Android apps instantly without requiring installation. Here are the lists of
featured instant apps:

  • BuzzFeed
  • NYTimes (Crossword)
  • Hollar
  • Red Bull
  • Skyscanner
  • Onefootball Live Soccer Scores 

The listed above can now be
tried out by users before actually downloading them.

Google also announced a revamped Editors’ Choice tab in Play
store which is now live in 17 countries. Some of the upcoming changes include
improved home section for games which will soon feature trailers and
screenshots of gameplay and two new browse destinations are also coming soon
namely ‘New’ (for upcoming and trending games) and ‘Premium’ (for paid games).
And lastly, Google also introduce Google Play Security
Reward Program.The program will allow Google to find vulnerabilities and notify
developers via security recommendations on how to fix them.
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