Microsoft is trying to take Bing Search app to another
level, more than just search engine app. The tech giant has never stopped
releasing some noticeable updates for its search engine lately, the newest of
which introduces some very useful features.
After updating, you will be able to set up a personalized
news feed. What’s interesting about it is that it features a “fake news
filter”, which tells the user if the statements within a particular
article have been verified.
The second attractive functionality makes it easier to find
something in your browsing history. Results can be separated into four
categories – image, video, web, and news.

The lats but now the least is an “auto-close tab” feature,
which is pretty self-explanatory. Users can set up Bing Search to automatically
close tabs after 30 minutes, 24 hours, or when the app is closed. This feature
is optional and can be disabled altogether.

It seems that the latest update is currently available only
to Android devices, but we suspect that the iOS app should get upgraded soon as
well. You can give it a try by downloading the app via this link.


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