Google has just updated the YouTube app on the App Store.
The new update comes with a couple of latest features that will certain be useful
for some set of people.

As the title implies, YouTube for iOS now supports iMessage,
this enables users to share videos faster and easier than ever before. It also
means that all videos that users receives in the Messages chat can be viewable within
the app, so there will be no need to exit and launch another app to watch it.
Sharing videos in the Messages app is very easy, so tap the
Share button and choose the corresponding option to send the YouTube link in
Furthermore, Google another gesture that will let YouTube
users on iOS devices to remove videos from playlists they have created by
swiping left or right.
So, above mentioned are all the new things added in the
latest update, so ensure to update to YouTube version 12.38 in order to profit
from what they have to offer in terms of features.

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