BBM Users at CrackBerry’s forums have been complaining of
their inability to switch their BBM account back to old BlackBerry devices
running BlackBerry’s operating systems.
You are no longer allowed to switch from Android to your old BlackBerry phones

The problem experienced is that the server does not allow them
access contacts, groups, and channels after trying to switch back to a
BlackBerry OS device.
In case if you are still the type that hop around between
BlackBerry OS devices, however, if you jump from a BlackBerry device to an
Android-powered BlackBerry (or otherwise), iOS, or Windows device, you will not
unable to successfully access BBM on a legacy BlackBerry device.

”We have recently
completed changes that prevent users from switching their accounts from an
Android, iOS, or Microsoft device to a BlackBerry 10 or BlackBerry OS device.
Also, in addition, BBM Enterprise users will no longer be able to switch their
BBM Enterprise account to a BBM consumer account on an Android, iOS, or
Microsoft device.” –
BBM Product Management.

According to CrackBerry the problem of BBM getting “stuck”
on latest platforms arises from BlackBerry handing over the consumer BBM
service to Emtek. Therefore, if you still have BBM on an old legacy BlackBerry
device, it’s suggested that you don’t move your BBM account, but instead create
a new one when swapping to the newer platforms and leave your original account
on the BlackBerry phone.


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