Google Play Protect chains numerous features that are already existing on Android phones together, and classify them under the Google Play Protect branding. Some of this features includes the “Find My Device feature” and “automatic scanning for viruses”.

The Google Play Protect logo will soon begin to appear on the wrapper of every device that has the Google Play Store pre-installed. The service has been rolled out to several Android models, and this generated some issues with the Bluetooth feature on some devices.

Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect categorizes an app called Bluetooth Share 7.0 as unsafe which automatically disables the app. The owners of the phone are asked whether they want this Bluetooth Share app removed. The moment the users respond yes affirmatively, the app will be removed (but not deleted, as you’ll see) and this by implication leads to Bluetooth failing on affected phones.

Among the devices affected – losing their Bluetooth connectivity in this manner are the Motorola Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus. Below is a quick fix to address this issue.

How To Fix Disabling Of Android Phones’ Bluetooth by Google Play Protect

As Bluetooth Share 7.0 is a system app, it cannot be deleted, that means re-enabling it is the solution.

Go to Settings > Applications > Reset Application Settings.

However, this could lead to some unwanted results for other apps. Though this is a short term fix for the lack of Bluetooth on affected handsets, kindly wait for an official fix to rolled out. Stay tuned to Tellforceblog!

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