The iris scanners is a biometric security that basically allows
users to access a place or a device. We are specifically talking about that of a
smartphone this time around.

Last year, Samsung commenced the introduction of a biometric
security frontier to its high-end handsets started with the Galaxy Note 7.
It’s been great on Samsung large-screen phone so far, with the
Galaxy Note 8 is, of course, sporting this neat feature on board.
Enabling this feature is very easy, nonetheless below is how
to do it since it’s a noteworthy new feature that’s likely to become a staple
of Samsung’s future flagship phones. Below are the steps to take;
Step 1. Head to
Settings, then look for Lock screen and security

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Step 2. Once
inside, tap on Iris scanner
Step 3. The next
page will show you a summary of what you’re about to do.
Step 4. First
things first, you will need to set a secure screen lock, be it a password, a
PIN code, or a pattern. In case you have already set one of these, this
prerequisite won’t show up.
Step 5. Next up,
you will be shown a rather long disclaimer that lists a great deal of
precautions and warnings pertaining to the use of the iris scanner. For
example, you should never try to set it up for an infant as you can damage
their eyesight. You also shouldn’t go for off-brand screen protectors as they
can easily prevent the iris scanner at the top front of the phone from working
as intended. We recommend that you go through all of these before you continue

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Step 6. The next
step shows you what you need to do in order to register your irises correctly.
You need to be in a well-lit room but far from direct sunlight and you
shouldn’t be wearing any glasses or contacts as they can mess up with the
scanner. Tap Continue.

Step 7. After
you’ve removed your prescription glasses or lenses, hold the phone within
25-35cm of your face in order to achieve a successful registration.
Step 8. Now, open
your eyes fully and look at the screen where the eyes are. The phone will scan
yours and you will be good to go
Step 9. The final
step is to choose if notifications should appear on the lock screen or not, as
well as if they should show sensitive content or no. That’s it.


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