iOS 9 public version comes with a lot ofe bugs found earlier in developers version seems to be fixed. Out of all the little bugs the most annoying one was missing personal hotspot. Missing hotspot cannot be literally termed as a bug as it is also dependent on carrier.

If you have updated your device with latest iOS 9 public version and still facing the missing personal hotspot option, you can try out methods given below to resolve the issue.

Before I give you any information, please note that hotspot is a carrier-dependent feature. If you haven’t opted for personal hotspot in your data plan, the personal hotspot missing is not a bug in your iPhone or iPad. But if you have subscribed for personal hotspot, and still it doesn’t appear in your Cellular settings, then you can follow the below-mentioned process to fix the issue.

How to Fix Hotspot Missing in iOS 9

  1. Turn off Wi-Fi
  2. Turn on 3G
  3. Go to cellular>>cellular data network
  4. Under personal hot spot, you will see APN (type same APN as what you have under cellular data)
  5. Enter username
  6. Enter password (minimum 8 characters)
  7. Go back and tap cellular
  8. Wait for 20 secs and Hot spot comes up
  9. Type in your password
  10. Select done
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