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Google releases Top 10 "How To" query received on its platform
If you ask somebody a silly question, the first reply you may get is, Google it. Google search is the biggest search engine in the world. Naturally for this generation, Google is the first place we go to in search of our answers to life questions.

Talk of any question in this world, you will get an answer or very close to it – from the most random like how to kill a rat to the most basic like how to be a man.
You might wish to know the minds of everybody around the world, below are the most popular How Tos released by Google on September 1, 2017:

  1. How to tie a tie?
  2. How to kiss?
  3. How to get pregnant?
  4. How to lose weight?
  5. How to draw?
  6. How to make money?
  7. How to make pancakes?
  8. How to write a cover letter?
  9. How to make French toast?
  10. How to lose belly fat?

Don’t be surprise, because you might also ask Google atleast one from the first 10 mentioned above.


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