Google Chrome 61 has been released, comes with fixes and improvements
Google has updated its Android version of Chrome with a
couple of new features. After making it available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users
earlier this week, Chrome 61 (61.0.3163.81)
will be landing on Android devices in the coming

According to the official changelog published by the tech
company, Chrome 61 for Android should be able to translate pages with a more
compact and intuitive toolbar. Principally, websites in different language from
that of the device will bring up a tool that allows users to translate that
page quicker and stress-free.
Additionally, you as the user will now be able to pick
images to post online with an better image picker. You’ll notice that there’s a
new menu that shows up when you press and hold on a link or image, which is
meant to make it more intuitive.
Furthermore, the developers says that this update comes with
many performance and stability fixes, thus if users want more detailed info
about them, simply click on the source link below.
Lastly, Google affirmed that the new version of the browser
will be available for download via Google Play, while Chrome 61 for Android has
been released.

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