BBM Splits into three services, no more switching platforms after September 25
Recall that in few days ago, Tellforceblog
reported many BBM users encountered issues while trying to switch their BBM
accounts from one platform to another
. Apparently, they couldn’t access
their contacts, groups, and BBM channels after moving from one device to

Well, it was discovered that BlackBerry was working on
something that made the BBM servers temporarily unavailable. The Canadian
company has announced today that it has decided to split BBM into three
separate services: BBM Enterprise for all devices, BBM Consumer for BBOS and
BB10, and BBM Consumer for Android, iOS and Microsoft devices.

Among other things, the changes are meant to prevent BBM
consumer accounts on BlackBerry 10 from moving their BBID to another device
that runs Android, iOS or Windows Phone.
According to BlackBerry, BBM consumers on BB10 and BBOS can
switch to an Android, iOS or Microsoft device using their existing BBID while
maintaining all your contacts, but they will no longer be able to switch back
to their BB10 or BBOS device using the same BBID.
Moreover, beginning September 25, BBM consumers will no
longer be able to switch to an Android, iOS or Microsoft device using their
existing BBID whatsoever. BlackBerry will allow you to switch between BBOS and
BB10 devices seamlessly using your existing BBID after September 25, but
switching to an Android, iOS or Microsoft device after this date will require a
new BBID to re-invite contacts to the new BBM Consumer account.
BBM Enterprise users aren’t affected by this change, except
for the fact that they won’t be able to migrate their account to a BBM Consumer
account for Android, iOS and Microsoft devices using their existing BBID.
The good news is BlackBerry plans to add a new feature
called MPoP (Multiple Points of Presence), which will allow users to have BBM
Enterprise running on all their devices at the same time using the same BBID.

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