Askedoo is World’s First Live streaming Q&A App, a visual alternative to Google Search

Today, virtually everything we need to know is housed by
Google search. However, occasionally you discovered that you are unable to the get
the exact answer you are looking for within the first few search result pages,
and this can get really provoking.

Now, there’s an app shaped out to answer those questions you
ask via live-streaming. This app is called Askedoo, and it is a live-streamed
Q&A video chat platform which should substitute text-based Q&A

Askedoo was created to connect users to a community of
people who can answer your question in real-time, related to several categories
such as technology, fashion, home and garden, beauty and so on. The goal of the
app is to connect you to someone who has an answer, and also there’s always
someone to answer your question, seeing as the Askedoo user base is global.

You can begin a live broadcast with your own question, or
you can watch someone else’s broadcast. There’s also the option to rate your
experience through reactions like high-fives. 
You can also search for other topics, which you can help provide the
answer to.

One can make money from Askedoo. A way to do that is to Host
A Topic. With this option, influencers and other experts can host a webinar-like
live-stream, and set prices for others to take part. Also, you can host private
Q&A sessions. For a fee of $10, askers can enter a one-on-one live-stream
broadcast. The selected answerer receives 80 percent of the amount, and Askedoo
receives the rest. The asker can also tip the answerer for their troubles, if
they so please.
You can customize your profile to include details like your
expertise. There’s also usage statistics, which show how many questions you
have asked, your broadcast time, and your watch time. All your recent
broadcasts and announcements are stored in your history, which you can check
later by going to your profile.
To ask a question, just launch the app, type in the
question, choose a category, and tap on Go Live. Then wait for someone to
answer. Depending on how quickly you get a response, this could be really
useful or quite boring.
Though, most people may not like the fact that it is
visually based but Askedoo is quite a unique take on the Q&A platform.
Also, a lot of questions asked on the platform do not require a live-stream.
However, this app can be useful for online tutoring and all such activities.
For now, only the iOS version is available via App Storem
the Android ad desktop versions are still in development.

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