WhatsApp status is now available for desktop version when
users are chatting. Handlers can also user favourite web browser or the
dedicated WhatsApp web app for PCs.
WhatsApp Status is now available on Web version (PC)

For people that are yet to use WhatsApp Web, it is a very exciting
decision that lets you use your PC and WhatsApp at the same time without break
off your work to pick your phone and reply a message. As an alternative WhatsApp
web enables you to send and receive messages live on your PC by simply visiting
https://web.whatsapp.com from
Chrome, Opera or Firefox browser on your PC.
Earlier, WhatsApp web lets you access most of WhatsApp functionalities
but it does not include the recently introduced status feature by the company.
The latest release of Opera comes with an overwhelming
toolbar that lets you access WhatsApp web even better. The new status feature
has been confirmed to be available on Opera Whatsapp toolbar, other browsers
might take a while to get it.

Below are some screenshots showing WhatsApp status on the
web client from Firefox browser.
WhatsApp Status is now available on Web version (PC)
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