Oh no! What a world?  Looking for a mind-boggling devices with amazing specs, go to China, and if you are also looking for counterfeit devices, you will still have to reach China.
What? Chinese iPhone 8 clone seen on short video

Though for the past few years now, we’ve seen terrible copycat of various hot and seriously-anticipated phones emanating from different places. The funny side of it is that the clones gets released before the announcement of the original device.
Of course, the iPhone 8 will definitely not escape from the clutch of knockoffs. That is for sure. And lo and behold, one has already been seen jumping in the wild.
Below is an 8-second video, which shows us an iPhone clone running on Android (presumably). It looks quite close to what we expect the iPhone 8’s final design to be, including a virtual home button on the front and vertical camera module on the back. The faux iOS 11 skin on it also looks quite spot-on.
Needless to say, be careful with any bargain-priced iPhone 8 devices in the months after the official announcement. Yeah, demand and supply might be out of balance and wait times might be as outrageous as the original device’s price . But it’s still not worth risking a shady deal.
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