Piracy has become a major problem on the Internet these
days. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to assume that you are safe,
that it only happens to others.
Online piracy: How to know if you have been hacked?

No one is completely secure from hacking these days, and it
is often ridiculously easy to hack some people’s online accounts. So, how can
you know if your account has been hacked?
For one thing, the hack might not even be on your end. Perhaps
the service you use may have been hacked, and thus a thief would have access to
the service’s database. In this case, service managers would contact you to
inform you of the situation.
One thing you need to do to be doubly sure of your account
security is enable all your security settings. For example, you might want to
enable two-factor authentication, as the chances of getting hacked with this
feature on are quite minimal.
But then, not all websites offer a wide range of security
options. Therefore, you need to take matters into your own hands sometimes. If
the service is hacked, there’s little you can do, but if you are personally
targeted, your password has to be ironclad. Now, remember the old advice about
having a mix of numbers, letters and special characters in your password?
Machines can still figure them out. The key to making it
more difficult to guessing your password is getting really creative with it.
For example, make sure it’s not just a single word with characters at the start
or end. Make it as complicated as possible.
Now, in theory you could still be hacked without you even
realizing what happened. But in practice, it’s less obvious; if someone got
hold of your account details, they probably need it for something. These
hackers could change your password, buy things from your account or send spam
mail to your contacts. Furthermore, hackers could sell your personal data.
If piracy is done on a large scale, you can check if you
were hacked or not. A security expert created a list of all the victims after
every known attack, and allows users to check if their account was hacked. The
website is called “Have I Been Pwned?”
You just have to type in your email address, and the website
will tell you whether or not someone knows your password. You can also type in
your password and the website tells you if it has been compromised.


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