Recall that last year, MTN introduced two call tariff plans, the MTN Xtra Pro amd Xtra Special tariff plan. MTN Xtra Pro tariff plan was touted the cheapest call tariff plan on the network.
MTN Secretly Reviewed Its Tariff Plans

Subscribers on MTN Xtra Pro have the ability to make both off-net and on-net calls within the country at a flat rate of 11K/S (N6.60K/Min) upon successful deduction of N5 deduction in a day, also called access charge. Thus makes the MTN Xtra Pro the cheapest call tariff plan on the network.
MTN Secretly Reviewed Its Tariff Plans
Unfortunately, MTN secretly eliminated this call tariff plan from its list of tariff plans, which by implication means the call tariff plan will no longer available for migration, in case you are still  interested.
According a source from the company, the migration into MTN XtraPro and MTN TruTalk has been discontinued since April 5, 2017. Customers can only migrate into the following plans:
  • MTN Pulse
  • MTN XtraSpecial
  • MTN BetaTalk
  • MTN XtraValue

MTN customers will NO LONGER be able to migrate to any of the below tariff plans, BUT customers on these plans will be able to migrate out of these plans to other available tariff plans.
  • MTN TruTalk (Old)
  • MTN BetaTalk(Old)
  • MTN SuperSaver
  • MTN SmoothTalk
  • MTN iPulse
  • MTN Zone

However, customers who are currently on any of these MTN Tariff plans above will remain on the plan but will not be allowed to migrate back into the plan(s) after successfully migrating out.
Before April 5, 2017, the code for migration into the MTN Xtra Pro tariff plan was *401#, but currently, if you choose to dial the code and hoping to go back to the Xtrs Pro plan, you will get a prompt telling you that you are already existing MTN Pulse tariff plan, as well as giving you the correct MTN Pulse menu code which is *406#.
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