Today, you don’t need a computer for all your elementary
printing needs. Your smartphone is pretty good enough to carry out those task.
You can print documents directly from your iPhone or iPad in no time.
How to print from an iPhone using AirPrint

There are plenty of options for printing whatever you need
to print, and the best inkjet printers and photo printers on the market have
made the task of wireless printing from an iOS device really easy.
This was achieved using Apple AirPrint functionality and a
number of native and third-party apps that make use of our local Wi-Fi network
for remote printing. Now, here’s how to print documents from an iPhone using
Apple AirPrint.
AirPrint-enabled apps let you create and print full-quality
documents and graphics without having to install drivers or configure the
printer queue. All you need is an iPhone 3GS or later, any model iPad, or a
third-generation iPod Touch, as well as the latest version of iOS and an
AirPrint-compatible printer with the latest firmware.
  • Now, in order to use AirPrint, you need to first connect
    both the printer and the iDevice to the same Wi-Fi network. Check your
    printer’s manual or the manufacturer’s website for more detailed instructions
    about how to turn on the function and connect to Wi-Fi.
  • The next step is to select the printer you want to use. But
    first, check the connection between your iPhone and the printer by opening an
    AirPrint-supported app, such as Safari or Evernote. Most apps will feature an
    arrow that looks like a forward or reply email icon. Tap on it then select
    Print. Your printer should appear as the selected device by default, otherwise
    tap on Select Printer to scan for nearby printers.
  • Now, choose the number of copies you want to print. To do
    this, tap on the addition and subtraction arrows to the right of Copy. You can
    print up to 99 pages at once. Also, you can tap Options to show color options
    and which pages to print, if you are printing multiple pages.
  • Once you have selected the printer and the number of pages
    you want, tap Print in the top-right corner of the page. You can also cancel
    your print job or check its status by tapping the Home button twice, choosing
    Print Center while in the App Switcher, and tapping Cancel Printing.


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