How To Hide WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram Status With Unseen App

Unseen is an app that lets you read your friends messages on
WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Telegram etc. without them knowing. This means the Unseen
app lets you read chats without any traces of last seen notice or blue double
check lines signaling read. In other words, you can read friends messages
anytime you want to read it in incognito mode, without them knowing you’ve read
How To Hide WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram Status With Unseen App

If you are someone that receives so many messages every time
both important and unimportant ones, this app will be of help to you. It will
also be useful to ladies that gets so many messages from different guys. It
will allow you read messages without them knowing you have read them until you
decide to reply them.
How It Work 
When you download the app, it will require giving it
permission to have access to your contacts and messages as well as
notifications from your popular social media handles.
Now, when you receive a message from one of these messenger
apps, it will also be received in the Unseen application. There, you can read
it freely, whenever you want, without having any of your friends knowing that
you have seen it. Only when you will decide to respond, the « seen » or
check-marks notice will be displayed.
Note: The app doesn’t work with mod WhatsApp like GBWhatsApp and OGWhatsApp.

How To Install It 
  1. Download Unseen App Apk here.
    It’s available in Google Playstore.
  2. Grant it access to access your contacts and you are all good
    to go.
  3. At the moment, it has over 1million downloads on Playstore.

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