Guess ‘lite’ apps is what is reigning in the world of apps
now. Google appears to have join the moving train where companies like Facebook
and Microsoft are sitting.
Google joins 'lite' apps train after launching Search Lite

Google has released a new, Search Lite app, which, as the
name suggests is designed by providing a pretty fast Google search experience,
as well data-friendly app.
Also, to search, the app also lets you to quickly access
information including news, weather, and translation. There are also a few of
language options to pick from.
The app as well supports voice and text search
functionality. Added features include capacity to open web pages in Lite Mode,
and view them in the app’s internal browser.
The Search Lite is presently in experimental stage, and is
officially only available to select users – who opted-in to test it, in
Nevertheless, if the accessible language options are to go
by, Indians may soon get the app. For folks out of Indonesia who are interested
in giving the app a try, head to APK
and if you have to be in Indonesia to even view the app’s
listing on the Play Store
. Intending users might also need to already be on
the pre-approved list for testing.


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