Google has again put smile on the faces of Android users, as
it has just announced an improvement on its search app on mobile devices
powered by its own platform. If you are an Android user, Video previews should
appear on your device when searching for something.
Google introduces Video previews to search results on Android

The new feature is now available effective yesterday, August
18, on the Google app for Android, as well as Chrome on Android, so expect to
see video previews when video results show up in the video carousel in the same
manner that text snippets appear when you search for texts.
Google said these video previews will only play when users’ devices
are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Remember that in order to ensure these
previews works on mobile networks, the user will need to enable it from the
settings menu within the Google app or settings for Android Chrome browser.
Though the roll-out has kicked-off since yesterday, the new
feature will be made available to almost everybody by next week, so don’t get fussed
if you can’t find any video previews in your search results.


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