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Google wanted to acquire Snapchat for $30 billion

Snapchat, which is officially called Snap Inc., filed for
IPO early this year March has went public and would now has the capital of the
public to offer financial support. But, a report from Business Insider reveals
that Google had had an oral discussion on the acquisition of Snapchat with Snap
Inc.CEO Evan Spiegel.
Google allegedly wanted to acquire Snapchat for $30 billion
CEO Evan Spiegel

The offer was around $30 billion and the negotiations transpired
far earlier before the company filed for IPO: early 2016. Google’s offer was allegedly
still on the table even after Snap Inc. went public. Of course, Spiegel was not
move, he never wanted to trade off the company. Actually, only he and Snap Inc.
co-founder Bobby Murphy makes major decisions for the company so public supporters
don’t have any say about it, even if they desired to.

Although Snap told Business Insider that “these rumors are
false,” and Google failed to comment, the news jerked Snap Inc.’s stock price
up by 2.3% today after weeks of steady drop.
Google would be a great parent company for Snapchat in the
marketing world if it’s real. Also, Snapchat’s curated and sponsored content
sections could get a lot of improvement. Anyway it goes, Snap CEO Spiegel would
not want to let go the app just like that, principally since Snapchat is his
Yet, Google’s relationship with Snapchat remains close. In
actual fact, Google’s investment arm put money on Snapchat after it went
public, and Snap – one of Google Cloud’s largest customers has vowed to invest
$2 billion on Google Cloud – platform that Snapchat runs on.
Imagine how interesting a combination of technologies
between Snapchat’s spectacles and Google Glass. Snap’s AR technology would absolutely
be a great plus to Google’s development of Glass.



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