The plainness of WhatsApp shouldn’t makes users think it’s
limited to just casual chatter. WhatsApp can be a great tool for making money
and increasing revenue if properly employed for business. Most businesses today
are now taking advantage of this opportunity.
Five Lucrative Ways to Use WhatsApp for Business

Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 5
lucrative ways to use WhatsApp for business.
For Customer
Engagement and Support
WhatsApp is a great tool for delivering customer service and
a great platform for customer engagement and support.
WhatsApp’s SMS features and its ability to send images,
video clips, documents, media and audio files make it a great tool for customer
engagement and support; it can be used to engage customers and help increase
sales as well as garner a good reputation for your business.
WhatsApp is also a great follow up tool for converting
business leads into repeat orders, and is a platform for you to also share
regular updates about your business at little or no cost rather than through
email or SMS.
It’s also an effective, convenient and cost-effective way
for customers to reach out to you when they have complaints or feedback on your
products or services, rather than customers wasting time and spending hundreds
of Naira on-hold, waiting for their calls to be picked on a customer care line.
For Market Survey
WhatsApp is a great interactive tool for getting real-time
suggestions and feedback from your customers about your products and services,
through brief and concise questions relating to the areas of your business or
service you need information on.
For Promotions or
In addition to helping with customer engagement and support,
WhatsApp offers a good platform for promoting your products, discount or sales
If you don’t want to broadcast messages, you can use your
display picture, status updates and even profile updates to promote or
advertise your products or services.
If you want to be creative and put in some extra effort, you
can send out e-brochures with images of a product, video clips containing
directions on the use of a product, or video clips on discount or sales
offerings on your products or services to targeted people or groups on WhatsApp.
You can also solicit responses to your videos or e-brochures at the same time.

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For Business
Services and Transactions
As a business owner, you can encourage your customer to make
orders for your products or services on WhatsApp, and you can even hold
E-Classes or Tutorials on WhatsApp.
In cases where your students might find it hard to get
together at a central venue, WhatsApp can easily be the venue for your tutorial
classes, and WhatsApp media, documents and audio file sharing feature makes it
very interactive for an online tutorial platform.
Your students can easily make the payments to be included in
the class before-hand, and once the payment is confirmed, you add the students
to the closed WhatsApp group for your tutorial class. Even concierge services
can be run through WhatsApp, as well as other similar business services.
For Internal Team
A great thing about WhatsApp is that practically everyone
uses it and it really doesn’t require any training to use. In addition, you
don’t need to explicitly ask your employees or team members to check the app
because chances are they’re already hooked to it, this makes WhatsApp a great
tool for internal team communication.
You can form WhatsApp group for different teams in your
business, for example you can form a WhatsApp group for the Business Strategy
team, another for the Sales and Development team etc.
Your team can share ideas, instant messages, images, audio
files, video clips and other media among themselves in a quick and fun way.
You also don’t need to be too afraid of the information
shared on the these groups getting out because WhatsApp messages are protected
with an end-to-end encryption that not only makes it one of the safest
messaging apps in existence, but also adequately protects your data from leaks.


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