Fitbit Ionic: A Smartwatch That Blows Up Your Mind (Video)

Fitbit as a company is well known for its focus on keeping human fit. Now, the corporation is putting it hand into smartwatch business with its
latest product, the Fitbit Ionic. This is the first true smartwatch from the
company. Cetainly, a lot expected of this product, sighting that Fitbit is
lagging behind in terms of smartwatch production.
Fitbit Ionic: A Smartwatch That Blows Up Your Mind (Video)

The Fitbit Ionic Built
And Design

The smartwatch is made with a light aluminum case, with
small antenna lines for GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The case has a tapered design,
meant to allow the sensors on the back of the device to contact your wrist
comfortably. There are two buttons on the right side of the screen, with a
third on the left side of the display.
The Fitbit Ionic display is a curved spherical glass lens.
Right now, there’s not a lot of information on the exact specs of the screen,
but reports state that the resolution is good enough. The brightness gets to
1000 nits. This is to make sure you can see the screen even in direct sunlight.
Fitbit Ionic: A Smartwatch That Blows Up Your Mind (Video)
You could certainly call the Fitbit Ionic an upgrade on the
existing Fitbit products, including the Fitbit Blaze. For one thing, it has a
built-in GPS tracker, water resistance, swim tracking, and a third-party app
In addition, the Ionic runs on Fitbit OS, which the company
says is the new standard for its current and future smartwatches. This
operating system will offer full third-party app support. Also, the company
claims that the device will have over four days of battery life, which would be
quite impressive it turns out to be true.
Shipment and Pricing

The Fitbit Ionic appears to be a great device. Though shipment
is yet to commence but it will cost around $299.95 when it is released in
October. This pricing will make the Fitbit Ionic the most expensive Fitbit
device, even expensive than the Apple Watch Series 1, which costs $269. But not
as expensive as the Apple Watch Series 2.

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