Asus’s personal skin for Android devices, ZenUI, has so many
features and apps that may be considered as bloatware. 
Asus ZenUI 4.0 Safeguard Android app now live on Play Store

And one of the apps the ZenUI
4.0 houses is known as Safeguard. It provides its users two functionalities,
which are:
  1. SOS and
  2. Report Location
The ZenUI Safeguard app lets Asus smartphones users to speedily
make an SOS call and send an SMS message during crises/emergencies. They can also
share their real-time location with family and friends at any time. Another
thing the Report Location feature does is allowing users to seek help through
an alarm or SOS call on the location-tracking notification.
Well, this Android app has now been made available on the
Google Play Store, in order to make Asus can update it faster and easier. Of
Course, that doesn’t mean that anybody can just get on their phones.

ZenUI Safeguard is only available and compatible with Asus
smartphones that run ZenUI 4.0. The good part of the news is that you will know
what new features and improvements Asus is adding to the app every time it
updates Safeguard.

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